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The importance of nursing to rehabilitation can’t be overstated. Advanced Practice Nurse careers at HealthSouth offer rehab nurses the opportunity to be part of a collaborative team focused on restoring quality of life for patients. It is a noble mission and our sole focus at HealthSouth. Here, comprehensive rehabilitation is planned and administered by a highly specialized and integrated healthcare team, and our rehabilitation nurses bring an important perspective to our interdisciplinary approach. In your Advanced Practice Nurse career with HealthSouth, you’ll help patients regain control of their lives and their independence, treat complex medical issues and redefine how rehabilitation care is provided.

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Job Title Facility City State
Infection Control Educator Job HealthSouth Miami Miami FL
Infection Control Practitioner Job HealthSouth Walton Augusta GA
Infection Control Practitioner Job Gulfport, MS Gulfport MS
Infection Control Practitioner-Educator Job HealthSouth Memphis Memphis TN

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